Sale of Faulhaber products in Chile

FAULHABER is a supplier of high precision miniature and microdrive systems. It was founded in Germany, in the year 1947 as the fine mechanics workshop by Dr. Fritz Faulhaber. Since that time the company from Schönaich paved the way for new areas of application for small electric motors and has been developed into a huge Industrial Machinery & Equipment international enterprise.

Nowadays this family-run group of companies owns development and production locations in Switzerland, USA, Romania and Hungary with more than 1,900 employees. As a further matter, there are sales partners and subsidiaries in more than 30 countries around the world.

The company supplies a wide range of DC motors, brushless DC motors, linear motors, stepper motors and other drive systems.

The high quality of the FAULHABER manufacturing equipment and experienced professionals enable the much longer operational lifetime for the motors and other products by the brand.

The group of companies produces and designs equipment of super-small and small sizes of electric motors with direct current drive and their components.

Minimal vibration during operation, low inertia, high-energy conversion efficiency, high-power density of the engine are provided by the use of a hollow rotor with a self-supported winding and excitation from permanent magnets.

Engines of the company are irreplaceable in cases when reliability and duration of operation at the minimum sizes are necessary.

The range of FAULHABER is presented:

  •  collector DC motors;
  • brushless DC motors, 2 and 4 pole, with built-in controllers;
  • DC servomotors;
  • stepper motors;
  • piezo motors;
  • linear servomotors;
  • speed and displacement controllers for collector, brushless and linear motors;
  • cylindrical, planetary gearboxes, preloaded gearboxes, gearboxes with backlash sampling;
  • high-precision ball screws and gears of the “screw-nut” type

The individual approach and the high quality performance meet the highest requirements of any customer.

Technical Specification (Datasheet, Manual, etc.):

Faulhaber online catalog DE_GEARHEADS_REDUCTION_RATIOS.pdf

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