Sale of British Encoder products in Chile

British Encoder is offered by Onrion LLC for years at reasonable prices and delivery time to Chile. Check our web page for products from the brand British Encoder regardless if they are not stated on our website, do not hesitate to contact us for all future product enquiries. Our products are delivered to your door with our wide distribution network throughout Chile .
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Brand products British Encoder

121/1 08A 1000 NC HV 5V 1ST

Series 121, 8mm bore, A type body, 1000 pulses per revolution, no commutation, HV output circuit, 5V operating voltage, 100khz frequency response, standard operating temperature.


(Series 725, 10mm male shaft with a flat, square flange body, 180 pulses per revolution, A & B channel’s with comps, HV output, 100khz frequency response, side mounted 7 pin MS plug, standard operating temperature and sealed to IP65.)

755 OC

PPR: 200 V +: 5-24v


(Series 755, 6mm hollow shaft, fixed foot flex mount, 500 pulses per revolution, A, B & Z channel’s with comps, HV output, side exit 2 meter cable & standard temperature.)




PPR; 5000, + V: 5-24 v




(Series TR1 (Tru-Trac), 200mm Urethane wheel, right hand side pivot mounting, 512 pulses per revolution, OC output circuit, 2 meters of cable, standard temp and IP50 sealing.)


Series TR1 (Tru-Trac), 6” Knurled wheel, right hand side pivot mounting, 1800 pulses per revolution, Push Pull output circuit, 2 meters of cable, standard temp and IP50 sealing.





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